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Meet The Team

Meet the Team

The Attitude on Food team is made up of  skilled culinary and event specialists who are dedicated to making your event extraordinary. Owner Nathan Newhouse, Director of Operations Melissa Tibben, and their creative staff have worked hard to make Attitude on Food Omaha’s most innovative full-service wedding & event caterer.  At Attitude on Food we are not content with simply being current with today’s trends – we set the trends others follow.

Nathan Newhouse

Owner/General Manager

Chef Newhouse possesses a varied and extensive background in the culinary arts. His unique perspective exhibits a flair for creating the most visually pleasing presentations ever seen. His diverse background represents the accumulation of years of commitment to offering his clients a dining experience that is never ordinary and delivers what everyone expects from a truly excellent meal; flavors that enliven the senses and become a defining moment that all other dining experiences will be compared to.

Graduating in 1991 from Culinary Arts School in Australia, Nathan quickly began to make his mark in the culinary arena by working at various Renowned Establishments in Australia. His success was a credit to his drive to be at the forefront of his craft.

After relocating to the USA, he continued developing his skills at the acclaimed "Flat Iron Café" in Omaha.

In his quest to further gain knowledge of his craft, Nathan then joined the Sheraton Hotel as the Executive Chef, where his success and creativity were touted by both client and peer as " the cutting edge of the culinary world". Returning to his greatest desire of being an entrepreneur with unlimited creative license, he created his catering company, "Attitude on Food" in 2003.

As the business has grown so has Nathan's role. Having developed a solid menu and streamlined production kitchen he has stepped away from his roots and is now the general manager. However you will never see Nathan step too far away from the kitchen as he always oversees all menu design and execution.

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Melissa Tibben

Director of Operations

From a very young age, Melissa has always had a passion for all things…food. From her very first job as a sno-cone girl at the Henry Doorly Zoo to cooking and serving at various restaurants around Omaha to working for well known caterer, Margarite Goodenow of Margarite’s Catering. Melissa worked for Margarite from 1998 until she closed her doors at the end of December in 2006.

Melissa joined our team that same December and it’s been an absolute delight since then. She has brought with her so much passion, energy and experience and continues to do so each and every day. From employee training, menu design, event planning and sales, Melissa does it all with flare!

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Donald Rodden

Head Chef

Chefs, by nature, are generally strong willed, creative and competitive individuals and Chef Donny definitely fits that bill. As our Executive Chef, Donny works very hard to create hot, fresh and delicious foods that are sure to please your palate.

Derik Tibben

Logistics Manager

With daily multiple events, a fleet of vehicles and a large staff, Derik is the person that keeps everyone and everything where it should be. Derik is responsible for efficient and effective organization of who, what, why, when, where and how.

Jason Moore

Sous Chef/Pastry Chef

Patience, practice and precision are all qualities needed to be a good pastry chef, and we are so fortunate that Jason possesses all of these qualities. Jason’s duties don’t just stop there, as he is skilled in all areas of the kitchen.


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